Amusement Parks that are great for Young Kids

Let’s face it.. your 2 year old is not old enough for roller coasters, will probably cry on the ferris wheel, and may make you wish you had never heard the term ‘fast pass’ if you don’t plan your trip to the amusement park well. Check out my reviews below (or eventual reviews) for inside details on which parks are great for families with young kids, and what you should avoid if you want to avoid meltdowns. If the text is not hyper-linked, I plan to write the review soon, but for now check out the photos on Instagram!

Thanks and have a blast going on all the rides with your kids!

Dutch Wonderland
Sesame Place
Clark’s Elioak Farm (not really an amusement park, but with all the Enchanted Forest pieces there, it has a very amusing vibe to it!)
Great Country Farms