The Ultimate Guide to The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore

This relatively small zoo is packed full of fun. It’s perfect for kids because you can get close to the animals… really close.

Plus there are some fantastic animals experiences that many larger zoos don’t have! The zoo is incredibly walkable and there are numerous play features your kids will love too!

Check out this Ultimate Guide to The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore will show you all the reasons you will want to visit with your family too!

Prairie Dogs

These prairie dogs are adorable. It’s an entire group (called a coterie) of dogs and depending on when you visit, you can see all the new prairie dog babies too!

The brown bear sisters, Nova and Nita, are super fun to see! They are often playing with each other, swimming and more!



One of the first animal exhibits visitors you can experience are the African Penguins. These super playful birds are so cute.


Sometimes the flamingos are just hanging out. But sometimes there are squawking and flapping their wings.