Kid Fun Guide: The Please Touch Museum In Philadelphia!

The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia is utterly fantastic for young kids. Actually, if you are visiting Philadelphia with younger kids, this museum MUST be on your to-do list!

I knew we were in for a treat when the trolley driver informed us that adults had to be accompanied by a kid 7 years or younger. The Please Touch Museum lives up to its reputation.

If you are visiting Philadelphia with young kids, here are some reasons why you must plan a trip to this extraordinary play space!

Roadside Attractions

Your kids might easily spend an hour or more in this super fun exhibit. They can drive a bus or a trolley, pump gas, run an ice cream stand, and operate a ride-on digger.

This is a meticulously designed play exhibit that includes three different open-ended play areas: the market, a hybrid home and industrial kitchen, and a festival area.

Food And Family

Rocket Room

The best part of this exhibit though was the opportunity kids have to assemble and shoot off their own rockets.

Yes, as in Alice in Wonderland. Kids can hold their own tea party, paint rose bushes red, and other fun, loopy activities that are reminiscent of the beloved Children’s book.


Imagination Playground

A super fun playground located between Alice in Wonderland’s tree and the magical carousel. Kids can build structures with life size, soft tinker toys.