Maryland’s Rock Maze Trail In Deep Creek Area Guide!

Western Maryland is home to a secret trail of great rock formations that will wow you and your kids. The Rock Maze Trail in the Garrett State Forest.

Located about 10 minutes away from both Swallow Falls State Park and Herrington Manor State Park, but most people have not heard of this hiking trail and don’t know how to get there.

This guide will tell you about this super cool place and give you insider tips on how to find it! You will definitely want to find it because it’s an explorer’s play land.

What hours is the Rock Maze Trail open?

Typically dawn until dusk. However, this is a mostly unmanaged area of the Garrett State Forest.

There isn’t a big sign announcing The Rock Maze Trail. The only sign is a small trailhead sign that says: 3739 Snaggy Mountain Road.

How To Find The Rock Maze Trail

Is there a fee to visit the Rock Maze Trail?

Nope. This hike is completely free!

There are no restrooms or port-a-potties. Go the the bathroom before heading to this trail.

Are there restrooms at the Rock Maze Trail?

Can I take my dog on the Rock Maze Trail?

Dogs are permitted on the Rock Maze Trail but they must be leashed.