Kid Friendly Guide To Longwood Gardens In Kennett Square

Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square is not only one of the best public gardens in the United States (consistently rated as the best garden in the US), it is also incredibly kid friendly!

Longwood is fun every season of the year and it would make a fantastic day trip or special event trip from pretty much anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Check out this Kid Friendly Guide to see why we love Longwood so much and tips for how to maximize your visit!

Main Garden Fountain

The Main Garden Fountains in front of the Conservatory are truly a spectacle. First of all, they are huge and with multiple types of fountains rolled into one overarching theme.

Next to the main fountain garden, there is a lovely topiary garden. Your kids will love trying to figure out what the topiaries are supposed to be!


Theatre Garden And Rose Garden

The roses are so whimsical. There is a rose tunnel and your kids will love darting in and out of it, playing hide and go seek!

The BEST time to see the Flower Garden Walk is in the spring (in my opinion). The gardens here are overflowing with tulips, daffodils, and other spring blooms.

Flower Garden Walk

Italian Water Garden

This is at the far end of the gardens is almost as large as the Main Garden Fountain. You can view the fountains from a platform at the front of the fountain area.