Guide To The USS Constellation In Baltimore

The USS Constellation in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a fantastic living history museum.

One of the four ships in the Historic Ships in Baltimore museum series. This is a great museum to visit with kids.

Check out this guide for what to expect!

History Of The USS Constellation

The USS Constellation is a Civil War era sloop-of-war ship, the last sail-only warship designed by the U.S. Navy.

The upper deck is full of fun features, kids will love ringing the bell. And you can see what it was like to steer the ship by turning the wooden helm steering wheel.

Upper Deck

Carefully climb down the stairs to tour all four decks of the USS Constellation. Each deck is open and shows how various shipmates would have lived and worked while at sea.

Lower Decks

Some of the more interesting areas of the ship are the medical bay, supply office (if that’s what they call it), and the kitchen area.

How Civil-War Era Sailors Lived And Worked

The lowest deck you can actually see the bottom of the ship, and see the types of things that were stored in the belly of the ship.

The Bottom Of The Ship