3 DC Area Amusement Parks That Are Perfect for Young Kids

These 3 DC Area Amusement Parks for Young Kids are fantastic ideas for family fun day trips!

Dutch Wonderland is like a park full of kiddie rides. The entire park is designed for families with young kids.

Dutch Wonderland

The shows at Dutch Wonderland are fabulous. They weren’t too scary or too loud. Perfect for little kids.

Sesame Place

At its heart, Sesame Place is a water park, with a few splash areas that are perfect for even really young kids. It also does a great job of putting together really engaging shows.

King’s Dominion And Planet Snoopy

Planet Snoopy is beautifully themed with plenty of yummy food options and super fun shows. It boasts 19 kiddie rides, all of them affiliated somehow with Peanuts.

These three parks will definitely keep little children happy and ensure they will look back on their first amusement park experience with fond nostalgia.