25+ Best Sunflower Fields In Maryland And Northern Virginia

There is something about sunflowers that just makes you smile, right? Maybe it is their bright, happy yellow-orange faces preening in the sunshine.

Perhaps it is because sunflowers represent the transition from the sunny, lazy days of summer to the crisp, mellow harvest time of the year. Regardless, sunflowers are just so happy.

It is always helpful to know where and when to see sunflowers at peak bloom. These are the best sunflower fields in Maryland and Northern Virginia this year.

McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area

These sunflowers are planted in multiple fields and cover an area of over 40 acres. The sunflower peak bloom will typically be mid-late late July.

Who would have thought that Southern Maryland would be home to the most amazing Sunflower Mazes in Maryland? They actually hold 2-3 distinct sunflower mazes each year!

Goldpetal Farms

The Sunflower Garden

The Sunflower Garden in Westminster, MD is just about the perfect place for picking your dose of happy, as well as awesome photo opportunities.

The one Virginia-based sunflower field on this list is amazing. Their Summer of Sunflowers is a fantastic place to pick up some sunflowers, and take amazing photos.

Burnside Farms

Broom’s Bloom Dairy

Based on past years, around late August to early September are the best times to see the sunflowers and eat their ice cream rated as the 5th best in the nation by Trip Advisor!