Ultimate Guide to the Calvert Marine Museum With Kids

The Calvert Marine Museum is not only one of the best museums in Southern Maryland, but one of the best, kid-friendly museums in the entire region.

Located in Solomons, MD in Calvert County, the Calvert Marine Museum tells the unique story of the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s maritime heritage.

Hands-on spot that should be on your Southern Maryland day trip bucket list! Here is my Ultimate Guide to the Calvert Marine Museum With Kids!

Skates and Rays

Did you know that they are cousins of the shark? Rays and Skates are different because Rays give birth to babies (pups), and skates lay eggs, also called the Mermaid’s Purse.

In the interior exhibit you will see how the museum takes care of the otters. The outdoor exhibit is where you can see the North American river otters play and swim.

The Otters

Discovery Room

It’s basically a maritime themed play area for kids. There are touch pools where kids can see horseshoe crabs, terrapins, sea stars, and sea urchins up close.

Small Aquarium

Aquatic animals you will see include the chain dogfish, a small shark, seahorses, shrimp, water snakes, terrapins, various fish, and a jellyfish tank!