Tracks and Yaks Rail Biking Is Fantastic Family Fun!

We recently went on a totally fun, unique, and family friendly day trip to Tracks and Yaks Rail Biking in Allegany County, Maryland.

If you enjoy doing outdoor activities with your kids, you have to add a tour with Traks and Yaks to your family fun bucket list!

Tracks and Yaks, which operates out of the Frostburg Train Depot, offers a number of different tours. Here is a quick rundown of the options:

Helmstetter Hotshot

A 2 hour and 10 mile ride on the railroad track. You start at the Frostburg Train Depot and the entire ride is downhill.

A 4-hour and 15+ mile ride on the same track as Helmstetter Hotshot. This is one of the longest rail bike routes in the country.

Queen City Excursion

Track and Yak

This is a combination of rail biking and a float or paddle trip. This is a 7-hour excursion where you rail bike to Cumberland and then do a float or paddle.

Biking and Paddling Excursions

You can also sign up for biking, paddling, or biking/paddling combination tours.