The Ultimate Guide to the National Aquarium In Baltimore

The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD is one of the coolest fun things to do with kids in Maryland!

The Blacktip Reef is just one of the many reasons why the National Aquarium is one of the coolest Fun Things to Do With Kids in Baltimore!

Check out this ultimate guide to maximizing your fun!

Three Story Waterfall

When you enter the National Aquarium in Baltimore, you are immediately funneled past this cool waterfall, on the ground floor.

There are a few varieties of lizards that are fun to watch, also sea turtles and crocodiles.

Australia: Wild Extremes

The Top of the Blacktip Reef

It is a very impressive prelude to the treasures you will find below. From the top of the tank, you can often see sharks and giant rays swimming right by you.

Rainforest Exhibits

There are some really interesting and impressive animals in the exhibit. We saw this lovely Macaw during one of the aquarium’s animal encounters.