The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia: Kid Friendly Guide

The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia is one of the oldest centers of science education in the United States and competes for title of the of the best science museum.

The entire museum is dedicated to the spirit of inquiry and the current mission of the Franklin Institute is to make science and technology education accessible for everyone.

This incredible museum has loads of hands-on activities that both kids and adults will love. You'll be amazed as soon as you walk up the steps to the Benjamin Franklin Memorial Hall.

The Giant Heart

This human heart is large enough that you can walk through it and get an inside look at the chambers of the heart.

Build a structure and then see if it will withstand an earthquake. You can learn about how tectonic plates work and why earthquakes are such a big deal.

Changing Earth


You can get an inside look at how the moon works or see if you can construct a rover that would work on the moon’s rocky surface.


If you like playing sports or would just like to see how your body works to play in general, the SportZone exhibit is really a ton of fun.