The Absolute Best Christmas Movies For Families

If you love watching Christmas movies, these are the absolute best Christmas movies for families to watch this year!

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to sit down as a family, pop some popcorn, make hot cocoa with all the trimmings, and watch one of our beloved favorite Christmas movies.

If you want a definitive list of the best Christmas movies for families, check out this list of more than 30 Christmas movie classics.

The Santa Clause

When Scott Calvin dons the Santa suit on Christmas Eve he unwittingly becomes Santa Claus. This charming Christmas classic is about family and believing in the Christmas spirit.

How much trouble, I mean.. fun, can a little kid have when his family leaves him at home alone by mistake!

Home Alone


Buddy is a boy who grew up thinking he was an Elf. When he is forced to leave the North Pole, he brings that Christmas magic with him.

How The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

This classic Dr. Suess animated Christmas special will make your heart grow three sizes as you watch the Grinch figure out the true meaning of Christmas.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch

An updated version of the Grinch-y Christmas classic!