Strasburg Rail Road: Kid Friendly Guide

The Strasburg Rail Road in Lancaster County, PA is probably one of the best railroad experiences in the United States.

The have special event trains throughout the year and almost all of their excursions are incredibly kid friendly!

This kid friendly guide will give you a sneak peak of what to expect and share some of our best tips to maximize your experience!

This is a very unique and minimally spooky train excursion that happens from September-early November every year.

The Legacy Of Sleepy Hollow Train

The big exception of course is that you will get spooked and haunted by the ghost of Ichabod Crane and the dreaded Headless Horseman!

What To Expect On The Sleepy Hollow Train

The train is recommended for kids ages 8 and older. It’s more spooky than scary, if that makes sense.

Tips For The Legacy Of Sleepy Hollow Train

This is the regular Santa Train and it’s completely delightful! This train is 45 minutes long and runs from mid-November through Christmas Eve (typically).

Santa Paradise Express

All passengers get milk and cookies, and then sit back and enjoy a dramatic reading of the classic, Night Before Christmas.

Night Before Christmas Train