Port Discovery Children’s Museum In Baltimore Ultimate Guide

You know a place is awesome when you keep going back to it, year after year… and your kids never get bored. Welcome to Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore.

If you are thinking about visiting Maryland… go! Are you planning a trip to Washington DC? Port Discovery is absolutely worth a day trip!

In honor of Port Discovery’s new renovations, I wanted to share this Ultimate Guide with you because, we know how to maximize your fun here!


Kids age 5 and up climb 4 stories up a netted climbing structure up to the top of the atrium where they are literally in the clouds! The only way down is to slide!

The 2nd major addition and probably the most noticeable. Kids can figure out how to get the boat running in the engine room, steer the boat’s wheel, and more!

The Port

This is awesome because Mom and Dad can stay and play with preschoolers and toddlers while their older siblings climb and slide.

Chessie’s Grotto- Toddler Play Area

I love the fact that it actually looks like.. a garden; albeit a garden you and your kids can bang on… loudly… as loud as you want!

PD Presents

While there will still be art projects, kids will have more opportunities to to make messy art.

The BGE Studio Workshop