Medieval Dragon Imagination Playground Guide

The Medieval Dragon Imagination Playground at South Bowie Community Center is one of the smaller Imagination Playgrounds but we instantly fell in love the theme!

The entire main playground is an actual dragon! I mean, how can you argue with the opportunity for your kids to climb up the spine of the dragon and then slide down its tongue!

The spine of the dragon is a great netted balance climbing play feature. It is challenging for preschoolers but not completely un-doable.

To the sides of the tongue slide, kids can climb up the dragon wings. There are footholds like you would see on a climbing wall. There are also regular ladders to the side of the dragon wings.

I think this climbing structure to the side of the dragon spine is supposed to be the tail. It’s another fun balance and climbing play feature.

Kids can also choose to climb a net on the backside of the dragon. There are a number of ways to get to that slide!

Check out these fun dragon eggs to the side of the main play structure too!

There is also a Castle play area that replicates a small medieval castle. There is a shorter slide and easier ways to climb up onto the castle landing.