Marty Snook Memorial Park Guide

So, there are parks and playgrounds in Maryland. And then there are super unique and fantastical playgrounds that you have to see to believe!

The Marty Snook Memorial Park is located in Hagerstown, MD and would make the PERFECT pit stop on a kid friendly Maryland day trip! It is situated right off I-70.

Here is our guide for the park, why we think this is one of the best things to do with kids in Maryland, and what to expect from Marty Snook Park’s Mythical Woods.

It is one of the most unique family places in Maryland is because of the Mythical Woods Play Area. Ya’ll– this place is amazing!

Mythical Woods Play Area

It’s a wooded natural play area chock full of fun wood carvings and wooden play structures. The details on the wood carvings are really intricate.

This playground would excite your kids year round. Because of all the wood carvings, this is a great play area to let your imaginations run wild!

Park in the Rainbow Playground Parking lot. This parking area is after the swimming pool parking lot, but before the ball fields.

How To Find The Mythical Woods Play Area

From there, there is a paved path leading into the woods on the right side of the parking lot. That is the path to Mythical Woods.