Little Critter Imagination Playground Guide

The Little Critter Imagination Playground at the Mitchellville South Neighborhood Park in Bowie, MD is one of Prince George’s County’s Imagination Playgrounds.

And I have to tell you, this playground is a sleeper hit! It was one of the last of the 25 Imagination Playgrounds we played on, and it remains one of our favorites!

It is fully accessible so kids of all ages and abilities can play! This is such a cute and secluded park tucked in a sleepy Bowie neighborhood.

One of the first play features you see when you enter the playground is this drum circle feature. They are arranged to encourage play for kids of all ages and abilities.

There are other music play featured sprinkled throughout the playground too. This bell music activity panel is fun!

You will notice the main play area is shaded with brightly colored shade panels. This is so important for hot summer days.

There are some great balancing play features. This log roll is challenging. Notice the rubberized play surface. So, if your kids fall it won’t be an immediate scraped knee.

These Animal Tracker activity panels were really fun. They have the animal noises your kids can hear with the push of a button.