10 Items Every Hiker Should Carry

Nobody expects the worst to happen, but planning for it anyway could literally save your life.

When it comes to hiking, you may be planning for a day hike or a quick hour hike while you’re camping.

But what you carry in your pack could be part of the materials you’ll need to save your life if that hike turns south.

Good Shoes

Make sure you have comfortable shoes that you can wear for long periods of time.

Having these can come in handy in case you end up going off the trail or need to get back after getting lost.

Navigation Supplies

Calorie-dense Food

If you get stuck in the woods for a period of time, you’ll be glad to have something filling and full of calories in case you need it.

First-aid Supplies

From ointment to bandages, make sure you have first aid supplies for a variety of possible situations.


Again, you probably won’t need this one unless you get stuck in the woods, but being able to light a fire can be a necessary thing to do in a survival situation.