How to Score Disney Dining Reservations At The Last Minute

Advance Disney dining reservations for a Walt Disney World resort restaurant can be very difficult. Some restaurants, especially character meals and certain signature restaurants are way too popular.

Lots of those reservations are fake. Not that Disney is pumping out fake availability information, but people are making reservations they aren’t going to actually use.

You are never out of luck when it comes to making Disney dining reservations, even at the last minute. Here are my best tips for how to get Disney dining reservations at the last minute!

Disney Dining Reservations in 2022

You have to be ready at 6:59 am (3:59 am PST) to hit the refresh button on your browser and secure your table. Otherwise, those reservations get booked up fast.

We used this last minute reservation loophole to snag reservations for La Creperie, The Plaza, and we changed our Be Our Guest time to something more accommodating.

Making Last Minute Reservations

Assistance in Booking

If you have a travel agent helping you with your trip, they will do the work for you by securing your reservations and checking in regularly in order to book it.

Approach and Asking For Help

Disney is expensive, so you might not mind the added charge to an already lengthy bill. On the other hand, you might not have room for the added splurge in your budget.

Alternatives to Making a Disney Dining Reservation

For starters, there are all kinds of other fantastic options that you should have as a list of backups just in case.