How To Build An Epic Indoor Fort

Check out these fantastic ideas for how to build an epic indoor fort your kids will go crazy for! Being stuck inside doesn’t mean your kids have to be bored!

Whether you’re hoping to help you kids use their imagination or just want to get them off their screens for a while, building a fort is always a hit with kids.

But putting together an indoor fort takes a little more work than simply tossing a sheet over some furniture. If you’re new to fort building, take a look at these simple ideas.

Couch Cushion Fort

To build a couch cushion fort, simply remove all the cushions from your couch, then use those cushions as walls for your fort.

To turn shipping boxes into an awesome fort, start by unfolding the cardboard boxes until they’re flat. Then, use a strong tape, like duct tape, to build a structure out of the boxes.

Cardboard Fort

Cardboard Fort Kit from Make A Fort!

These cardboard fort kits from Make a Fort are really amazing! Make a Fort recently gave us a set to try out and wow! My daughter and her friend had so much fun!

Blanket Fort

Start by gathering up a bunch of flat sheets or large blankets. Then, create “walls” for your fort by setting up chairs, tables, or benches to hold the sheets in place.

Epic Fort Combinations

It’s a good idea to make a combination of all three types of forts! Start by creating a foundation with furniture to hold up the larger blankets as a base.