How to Answer the Most Common Questions Kids Have About Santa

Are your kids starting to question St. Nick? Here are easy answers to the most common questions kids have about Santa!

Santa is one of the most magical figures in a kid’s life. But with all that magic also comes a whole lot of questions.

If your little one is starting to question Santa this holiday season, I want you to be prepared! Here’s how to answer some of the most common questions kids have about Santa.

Question: How does Santa have time to deliver presents all around the world in one night?

Answer: Santa actually has more than 24 hours to deliver all his gifts.

Answer: When Santa can’t go through the chimney to get inside, he uses the front door.

Question: How does Santa get into houses that don’t have a chimney?

Question: How does Santa fit down the chimney?

Answer: Santa’s big belly and his big bag of presents is obviously too big to fit down a chimney. But luckily, Santa is full of magic.

Question: How does Santa carry all those presents in his bag?

Answer: Santa only carries the presents for the home he’s visiting. Once he gets back to the sleigh, an elf helps Santa refill the bag.

Question: Why does Santa have the same wrapping paper as you?

Answer: Sometimes, Santa’s elves run out of wrapping paper, so Santa has to use paper at our house.