Goldpetal Farms Sunflower Maze: Kid Friendly Guide!

Who would have thought that Southern Maryland would be home to one of the most amazing (see the pun there) Sunflower Mazes in Maryland?

Goldpetal Farms (formerly known as Ladybugs Alive) actually holds multiple sunflower mazes and other fun activities every year!

Check out this Kid Friendly Guide to the Goldpetal Farms Sunflower Maze for details on what to expect and a preview of their awesome happy sunflowers!

The Sunflower Maze Design Reveal

In 2023 there will be three different sunflower mazes to enjoy! The first maze and sunflower field opens in mid-June and Goldpetal Farms.

The sunlight for photos will be best in the mornings or late afternoon-to-early evening timeframe. This happens to be when the fields are cooler too.

Best Times To Visit Goldpetal Farms

Zinnia Zuperbloom Feast O’Flowers

The Zuperbloom weekends will be July 15-16 and 22-23. For these two weekends you are assured of 2 acres of zinnias in multiple colors and varieties.

Every year there's a wide variety of fun and educational activities to enjoy. Typically there is a nature-themed scavenger hunt also.

Educational Experiences And Fun Activities

Pick Your Own Flowers

You aren’t allowed to pick the sunflower in the actual maze. But typically next to the maze there are pick your own flower fields too!