Best Strategy To Make Disney World More Fun For Kids With Sensory Issues

Disney World can be super overwhelming for anyone.. but for kids with sensory issues it can be even worse. These are our best tips for how to make Disney World more fun for kids with sensory issues.

One fear many parents of kids with sensory issues have is that the overwhelming stimuli of the parks might lead to meltdowns that can undermine the fun planned for your trip.

Use these tips to minimize overwhelm and overstimulation. Trust me, both you and your kids will be glad you took these precautions before your day ends in tears and tantrums.

Avoid the Peak Attendance

Early morning is a good time to avoid the biggest crowds and closer to closing time can be good too.

Getting more out of your Disney World vacation is to learn the secret hideaways. These come in the form of quiet spots that are either less traveled or less well known.

Learn the Secret Hideouts

Plan Days Off From the Parks

The best way to pace your Disney trip is to plan ahead for how much walking you will be doing and how much demand you will put on yourself physically and mentally.

Use Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Passes

If part of your kid’s sensory issues involves low frustration tolerance, you might find it’s totally worth the $15/day or the $7-$15/ride to use Genie+.

Download and Use the Apps

Disney has multiple apps to make Disney World more fun. One of which, Play Disney Parks, is an interactive app that you can play with while you are in the parks.