Airplane Activities For Toddlers

Flying With a 2-Year Old

Flying with a toddler or 2-year old can be a nightmare. Here are some strategies that may help you prepare and provide some great airplane activities for toddlers!


Pack light

Remember you have to carry everything you bring.

Burn energy 

Let your kids burn off energy at a local playground.

Diapers and wipes

If possible, plan to buy most of your needed diapers and wipes at your destination

Before take-off

Make time to eat a decent pre-flight lunch. Pasta salad, fruit cups, and anything with protein are always a good idea for a pre-flight meal.

Earplanes: will help with the discomfort due to the changing cabin pressure.

On Flight Distraction Strategies

Lollipops and sippy cups: sucking on something like a lollipop or cup of apple juice might help with ear pressurization

Airplane Activities For A Bored Toddler

You could bring a few toys that won’t make a mess but will keep your kiddo entertained for at least 20 minutes. Toy trucks, plastic Disney toys, or My Little Ponies are favorites!

Dress up on the airplane!

Costume jewelry is all the rage and you can get great stuff really cheap at a party goods store. Load up a little tin with rings, bracelets, sunglasses, scarves, necklaces… and spend some time playing airplane dress up!

Airplane activities for toddlers that will keep them busy for a long time

Stickers. You can keep a fussy toddler happy for a good 20-30 minutes with a few sheets of stickers and a 25 cent spiral notepad.

$1 packs. With stickers, crayons, an activity book, and sometimes even paper dolls.

Movies,Videos. Letting your toddler zone out for a few episodes of their favorite show is a great way to peacefully pass the time!