6 Simple Tips for Making Christmas Cookies With Your Kids

Check out these simple tips for making Christmas cookies with your kids so that you can maximize the Christmas fun and minimize the chaos!

Baking Christmas cookies is a fun tradition that everyone in your family can get involved in. But working with your kids in the kitchen takes a little bit of practice and patience.

Follow these six simple tips for making Christmas cookies with your kids to have a blast baking together in the kitchen this holiday season.

Pick Age-Appropriate Tasks

Think about your kids’ ages and abilities before assigning them tasks in the kitchen.

Before you invite your kids into the kitchen, make a plan to bake simple recipes that are easy for kids to help with. Skip those that require complicated baking techniques.

Find Easy Recipes

Get Kid-Sized Utensils

Using adult-sized kitchen utensils can be difficult for small hands. To make baking easier for your kids, consider purchasing a set of kid-sized baking utensils.

Be Ready for a Mess

Let your kids have a blast making their own cookies for Christmas without having to stress about the mess they’re making in the process.

Consider a Counter Top Stool

With the help of a countertop stool, your kids can safely stand at the counter without worrying about them falling over while they work.