30+ Fully Accessible Maryland Places For Kids

Does your kid have limited mobility or sensory needs? If so, check out these great options for Fully Accessible Maryland Places for kids to have fun!

The Angel Park Playground was designed by local children and artists as a way to honor ‘angel’ children and is great for all ages and abilities.

This is the first universally designed, fully accessible playground in Prince George’s County and they really go all out for kids of all ages and abilities.

Little Critter Playground

Really fun for all ages and ability types.

Patapsco Valley State Park Hollofield Area Playground

Loads of climbing opportunities.

Features for little kids.

It’s a carefully engineered, safe environment community playground, where ALL children with and without disabilities can play together.

Hadley’s Park Playground In Potomac

Fairland Regional Park has plenty of ramps and features that would appeal to kids with mobility issues or new walkers.