3 DC Area Amusement Parks Perfect For Young Kids

In the DC-Baltimore area, there are tons of amusement parks within road trip distance. However, which parks would be best for families with young kids?

These parks definitely fit that criteria and spending the day at any one of them will ensure that your child looks back on their first amusement park experience with fond nostalgia, instead of horror.

These 3 DC Area Amusement Parks for Young Kids are fantastic ideas for family fun day trips! Check out this guide!

Dutch Wonderland

If you are looking for the perfect park for your toddler or preschooler, Dutch Wonderland is absolutely amazing. Dutch Wonderland is full of kiddie rides.

There are height restrictions on a few rides, but that is more than offset by the fact that there are at least 7 rides specifically geared for super young kids (1-3 years old).

King’s Dominion And Planet Snoopy

Planet Snoopy is big enough that you could spend most of the day here. It boasts 19 kiddie rides, all of them affiliated somehow with Peanuts.

There are more rides and attractions throughout the rest of King’s Dominion that your kids will love too. Don't miss the Eiffel Tower and yes, you can ride to the top of it!

King’s Dominion

Sesame Place

There are plenty of kid friendly rides at Sesame Place and if your kids love Sesame Street, they will love riding on Oscar’s garbage can or Elmo’s rocket ship.