15 Christmas Eve Traditions to Start This Year

Make Christmas super special with your kids by starting these fun Christmas Eve Traditions this year!

This Christmas, make the most of this magical night by adding to the family fun and starting a new Christmas Eve tradition.

These amazing Christmas Eve traditions are the perfect way to spend time with your family and make new Christmas memories.

Start the day with a festive north pole breakfast

There are so many fun ways to plan this festive breakfast! We love making Santa Face pancakes!

Giving your kids an adorable set of Christmas-themed PJs to wear on Christmas Eve night is a great way to get your kids even more excited about Christmas.

Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Eve Box

Whether you include a cute pair of holiday pajamas or a fun experience your whole family can enjoy, a Christmas Eve box is whatever you want to make it.

Bake Cookies for Santa

You’re going to need to set out cookies for Santa before the kids head to bed, which makes Christmas Eve the perfect time to make and decorate cookies.

Read a Christmas Book

Start a Christmas Eve tradition by picking your favorite Christmas book to share with your kids before they go to sleep.