11 Awesome Places to See Tulips in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

If you want to welcome Spring with a day trip to see (or pick), tulips, these 11 places are awesome for seeing tulips in Maryland, DC, and Virginia!

The sky was that perfect shade of blue, punctuated by a few white, puffy clouds. We had a blast walking up and down the rows of tulips, amazed at each new discovery, each new color.

After about an hour of tulip picking, we enjoyed a picnic lunch under the shade trees at the corner of the fields.

Brookside Gardens

Brookside Gardens in Montgomery County, MD is an enchanting garden year round. April is my favorite time of year to visit because that is when their tulips are in full bloom.

Sherwood Gardens is small but absolutely delightful. The caretakers of this 6-acre private park in Baltimore plant over 80,000 tulip bulbs every year.

Sherwood Gardens

Ladew Topiary Gardens

I had heard about the Ladew Topiary Gardens but nothing could have prepared me for how magical the gardens are. They also have lovely tulips in April through early May.

Dumbarton Oaks

If you would like a nice diversion in April, stop by this magical garden and take in the tulips in full bloom as well!