100+ FREE Activities in Maryland for Kids

You want to go on fun family adventures, but let’s be honest.. you do not want to spend a ton of money. Maybe you are trying to save your budget and even small costs are out of the question.

That’s why FREE activities are the best! This list of FREE Activities in Maryland for kids is your ticket to low budget family fun!

It’s in a Google Sheet and mobile friendly form, organized by location and type of activity. So, you can cross-reference from wherever you are and find affordable family fun!

Thomas-Dixon Observation Area

This is a small playground but it has special appeal. As your kids play on the swings and climbing structures, you can all watch planes land!

This lovely park has a lot to offer families. There is a gorgeous lake with hiking trails and a viewing platform. You can also do some fishing at the lake.

Lake Waterford Park

Rash Field Park

This new playground / community park is in the best location ever! It’s located next to the Maryland Science Center, right on the Inner Harbor.

Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art has some great exhibits that will keep your kid’s attention for sure. You can pick up a FREE activity booklet to enhance the experience for kids.