10 Things Not To Do On A Maryland Day Trip (and what to do instead)

One of the best way to make core memories with your kids is to plan fun family day trip adventures. Maryland is a fantastic place for families and kids because there are just so many ways to have fun!

I have come up with 10 of the most common pitfalls you should try and avoid… and gave alternatives that will help ensure your family has a blast and not a nightmare story to tell later!

Check out our best advice for 10 Things Not To Do On A Maryland Day Trip. And then stick around for our suggestions for what to do instead!

Don’t visit the zoo on a lovely spring day.

Save the zoo for when it’s a little yucky outside. Believe it or not, many times the animals are WAY more active when it’s colder and not as sunny.

Beach will likely have jellyfish in July and August. If you need a beach day and can’t drive all the way to Ocean City, visit a lake beach instead.

Don’t visit a Chesapeake Bay Beach in July and August

Don’t visit your favorite Railroad Museum on Thomas the Train weekend. 

Thomas the Train events can be super over crowded and can easily overwhelm even the most ardent train lover.

Don’t wait until November to look for Santa Train

The best time to purchase tickets for Santa Trains and the Nutcracker is early September (or the earliest they become available).

Don’t go to Hershey Park, Six Flags, Kings Dominion

It won’t be very special though if you go on a Saturday in August and you spend over half your time waiting in line.