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The Best Family Movies for Family Movie Night

The Best Family Movies for Family Movie Night

These movies are the best family movies ever for family movie night. These classic movies will be a hit with kids and parents alike!

Family movie nights are an honored tradition in our home! Whether we have just gotten back from a long trip or are looking for an inexpensive way to stay in for the night, you can’t beat a family movie night! No matter how old your kids are, family movie nights are a great way to bond as a family and do something fun together.

Movie nights don’t have to cost a lot of money, and don’t require going to a theatre! You can find many of these movies on Netflix, Prime Video, or you could always borrow them from a friend to make this a $0 family activity. Here are the best family movies for family movie night.

best family movies

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1. Jumanji

This game is so realistic it’s treacherous!


2. Harry Potter

The boy who lived! What makes Harry Potter so special and what’s it like to be a witch or a wizard?


3. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte wows the crowd with the words she spins in her web. But will it be enough to save Orville?


4. The Iron Giant

A boy rescues a robot from space but can he protect the robot from the government?


5. The Good Dinosaur

Arlo, the young dinosaur meets a new friend and tries to make his way home.


6. Detective Pikachu

This funny Pokemon is a great detective who helps find friends who are lost!


7. Wonder Park

June find out her dream amusement park is real, but she needs to save the park with her animal friends!


8. Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Dad didn’t realize his invention would work, until it shrunk his family. How will they survive in the yard before he can find them?


9. The Incredibles

This incredible family of super heroes has been living a normal life as civilians for a long time. But can they rise to the occasion when the world needs them?


10. Kung Fu Panda

Everybody was kung fu fighting….. this panda is stealthy like a ninja. Well, maybe not.. but he is a lot of fun!


11. A Dog’s Purpose

This heartwarming movie will make you laugh.. and cry… and will melt your heart, especially if you are a dog lover!


12. The Secret Life of Pets

What do our pets do when we aren’t home? The answer might surprise you?


13. Rio

Is Blu really the last bird of his kind? Find out while you go on grand adventures with him!


14. Matilda

Love is magical and Matilda is the heroine of this fun modern day fairytale!


15. Big Hero 6

A genius teen inventor loses his brother. Can Baymax help find him?


16. The Parent Trap

Two twin sisters don’t know each other exists. When they accidentally meet at summer camp they hatch a great plan to bring their parents together. 


17. The Karate Kid

When a teen boy moves from New Jersey to Southern California he gets on the wrong side of a martial arts gang and must learn karate to save his dignity.


18. Monsters University

Mike and Sully are some pretty fun monsters. Check out how they met!


19. Cars

When Lightning McQueen gets stuck in a small town, he finds a new life he didn’t think was possible.


20. Tangled

The classic tale of Rapunzel and how this adventue-loving princess finally escapes her tower!


21. Despicable Me

It’s really hard to be the world’s greatest villians… but with the minions tagging along, it’s really fun to try!


22. Brave

Normally a fight with your Mom doesn’t end in your Mom turning into a bear… but can Merida turn her Mom back before it’s too late?


23. Bolt

Bolt is a movie star dog who thinks his character is real. What happens when he gets lost in NYC and has to find his way home?


24. Inside Out

Joy is the center of Riley’s universe, but what happens when Riley’s family moves and Joy needs to make way for other emotions… like Sad?


25. The Lorax

This is the charming tale of Dr. Seuss; beloved character Lorax, who speaks for the trees.


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