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Sunshine for Your Week!

Well, hello there! Thanks for checking in this week. What do you delight in? What are the desires of your heart? Read below for a few quick thoughts that I hope will encourage you and check out more Sunshine for Your Week if you would like a little more of a pick me up.

Sunshine for Your Week

Sunshine for Your Week

I don’t know if it is the beginning of Summer, the fact that Sweet Pea is transforming from a toddler to a little girl right before my eyes, or the fact that our family has been through the wringer and I am looking for joy, but I have found myself mostly* enjoying every second of my little girl lately. Sweet Pea really is the desire of my heart. Sometimes it is a little difficult to delight in her, but I think the Psalmist is telling me that if my focus is just on my daughter, I might be missing out. Think about it. What if I instead focused on God? I have a feeling that by focusing on God– by delighting in the Lord– I might in turn be blessed with the perspective to truly delight in Sweet Pea as well. Perhaps if I delight in the Lord, and in the grace He has shown me, I will more readily extend that grace to others… and especially to my precious little girl.

That will be my personal challenge this week. How about you?

Thanks for reading!

*for some of Sweet Pea’s recent exploits (good and bad), check us out on Instagram!

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