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15 Amazing Spring Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love!

15 Amazing Spring Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love!

Spring is the perfect time of year to head outside and do some science experiments! You don’t have to let your kid’s teacher have all the fun! In fact, many of these experiments would be a great way to keep your kids learning over spring break or just have fun after school one day!

Science can be kind of boring if you’re learning through a textbook, so why not do something fun and hands-on instead? These science experiments are all hands-on activities that your kids are going to love! Your kids will learn about the weather, plants, and so much more with these experiments. Here are 15 spring science experiments for your kids!

spring science experiments kids will love

  1. Jelly Bean Science Experiment
  2. Water Cycle in a Jar
  3. Cress Heads
  4. Making Rainbows
  5. Dissolving Peeps
  6. Egg Dye Experiment
  7. Crystal Flowers
  8. Hot Ice Experiment
  9. Color Changing Flowers
  10. Tornado Bottle
  11. Chromatography Butterfly Craft
  12. Fizzy Rainbow Experiment
  13. Water Travel Experiment
  14. Rain Cloud Science Experiment
  15. Seed Jar Science

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