20 Kid Friendly Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

20 Kid Friendly Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

These Christmas morning breakfast ideas are really fun and delicious. They are perfect for kids and the whole family!

Christmas morning is such a magical time for our little ones. They’ve just learned that Santa has come, and after opening all those presents, they have worked up quite the appetite.

While some of these recipes are a little bit on the extra side, putting in the effort to make a fun Christmas morning breakfast can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday season! There are a ton of great Christmas morning breakfast ideas that your family will love and even look forward to this year!

Here are 20 Christmas morning breakfast ideas to try out this Christmas morning.

kid friendly christmas morning breakfast ideas

Cinnamon and all Things Sweet-Inspired Breakfasts

  1. Christmas Tree Cream Cheese Danish

Baked goods shaped like a Christmas tree? Sign me up!

  1. Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Casserole

Blueberries are added to make this casserole delicious, but also it’s not expensive to make!

cinnamon buns

  1. Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Mittens

Oh my goodness these cinnamon mittens are adorable! Your kids will love them!

  1. Santa Cinnamon Rolls

This easy breakfast idea uses refrigerated cinnamon rolls with a few festive flourishes. 

Savory Breakfast Ideas

  1. Christmas Breakfast Casserole

This is a fantastic casserole to make the night before!

  1. Ham, Egg & Cheese Wreath

I have always loved the breakfast wreath idea. This one uses refrigerated crescent rolls and pretty much any meat you fancy.

  1. Cheesy Three Meat Breakfast Casserole

Cheesy AND with three meats? What’s not to love?

christmas morning casserole

  1. Overnight Crockpot Breakfast Casserole

It doesn’t get much easier than this. You cook it overnight in the crockpot. Love it!

  1. Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Casserole

Especially if you have folks in your home who love Southern comfort food, biscuits and gravy are a must!

  1. Christmas Sausage Breakfast Casserole

My husband would love this for the sausage…. I love that it’s make ahead!

Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast.. and an Elf?

  1. Candy Cane Pancakes

Your kids will feel like they are getting away with eating dessert for breakfast!

  1. Snickerdoodle Overnight French Toast

Or cookies! Don’t you love that this French Toast cooks overnight?

Christmas pancakes

13. Christmas Tree French Toast

If a Christmas Tree shaped cinnamon bun isn’t your thing, perhaps this Christmas Tree french toast will tickle your taste buds. 

  1. Reindeer Pancakes

This is so adorable. A Reindeer shaped pancake!

  1. Snowman Pancake Breakfast

This snowman shaped pancake is so cute too!

  1. Elf on the Shelf Christmas Breakfast

What? Elf on the Shelf gets his own breakfast? Well, these bagels are awfully festive!

  1. Christmas Tree Waffles

This Christmas Tree shaped breakfast is actually green. No kidding.

north pole breakfast

  1. Christmas Breakfast Toast

There is something fun and festive going on with this toast and egg combo!

  1. Cranberry Orange French Toast

I love these two flavors together… I bet this french toast is amaze-balls.

  1. Sven Deer Pancakes

With Frozen 2 coming out soon, these pancakes will absolutely be a huge hit!

Want more fun Christmas ideas? Check these out!

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