How To Raise Confident Girls

How To Raise Confident Girls

Raising a girl is hard for any parent, but you can help teach your child how to be confident and how to accept themselves with these tips and tricks. This is how to raise confident girls!

Raising a daughter is complicated. There are so many great messages about empowerment and achieving great things. While we all dream that our children will be the ones to punch the glass ceiling created to keep women from achieving amazing things, it’s hard to remember how hard it is to be a girl in today’s world. If you want to teach your little girl to become a confident and radiant girl who can take on the world, here are some tips to help!

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Be a good role model

As a mother, it’s important to set a good example for your daughter. How should she act around men, others, or in her life. If you are a single dad or couple of dads reading this, it’s important that you identify a good role model for your daughter instead. This should be someone your daughter can look up to and has traits you want your daughter to see. Identify other positive role models in her life that she can look up to instead of being the only good role model in her life.

Help her build skills that are independent of appearance

Appearance is a lot of how women are judged, but it’s important that your daughter have skills independent of how they look. If you notice that your daughter is particularly interested in something, encourage her to pursue it. This could be anything from drawing to music or sports. It’s important that your child learn to explore and learn without it impacting their appearance.

Don’t trash talk other women

Our daughters are always listening, and sometimes we vent about other women without realizing it. The things that our daughters hear us say about other women stick with them. Instead of trash-talking other women point out the things that make them strong women. Teach your daughters to see past the annoying traits and highlight the things that make those frustrating women so awesome.

Help Her Feel Unique

In a world where we are praised for looking pretty, encourage your daughter to embrace looking unique. It’s okay if she stands out a little as long as she can feel comfortable in her own skin in a way that you both can agree on. It’s okay to experiment with dying her hair, a different clothing style, or even in how she carries herself.

Praise Her Imperfection

Nobody is perfect, and it’s important that your daughter learns this from an early age. Encourage her to see the imperfections within herself and know that it’s okay. It’s okay that her teeth aren’t perfectly straight or she has acne. Those things come with growing up, and not every problem has to be changed or fixed. If she feels insecure about those things, teach her to embrace them and wear them proudly instead of always trying to correct or hide them.

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