How to Have an Old Fashioned Christmas Like Clark Griswold

How to Have an Old Fashioned Christmas Like Clark Griswold

If you want to tap into some of the Clark Griswold magic from the movie Christmas Vacation, here are some tips for how to have an old fashioned Christmas!

Christmas Vacation is a classic Christmas movie that has stood the test of time. Over the years, I found myself admiring Clark Griswold and his aspiration to have a real family Christmas.

If you are feeling inspired after watching Christmas Vacation, I’m here to tell you that you can have a real old fashioned Christmas just like Clark Griswold! Here is how to have an old fashioned Christmas like Clark Griswold.

christmas like clark griswold

Cut down your own Christmas tree

While you can go out to a Christmas tree farm and purchase a tree, this wasn’t how it was always done. Back in the day, you had to go out and chop down your own Christmas tree! While there are plenty of places you can go to chop down your own tree, this is a staple of the entire movie and even how the movie begins! 

christmas like clark griswold

Having your family over for Christmas

If your house is small, it might not be possible to have the entire family in one place. If you can make the room, I highly encourage you to have everyone stay over! You will have a ton of time to savor with your family, and even learn some new things about your family members!

christmas like clark griswold

Deck the halls with lots of lights

While you don’t have to have so many lights on your home that it lights up the whole street, it is a fun tradition to add some Christmas flair to your front yard! Get out the lights and have your kids help hang them around the house! This can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday season as a family, and get your kids involved in decorating.

christmas like clark griswold

Reminisce on family members together

Another way to get that warm feeling is to talk about family stories. One scene that always sticks with me after watching this movie is when Clark is stuck in the attic watching old films. When was the last time you brought out family mementos? Take them out this season and revisit them as a family!

christmas like clark griswold

Get in the kitchen and cook an amazing meal

Overcooking the turkey can ruin a meal. You don’t have to make a turkey to get together with the family though! Get in the kitchen and whip up whatever you can! The act of sitting down together to eat as a family is what’s important, not what you’re eating.

christmas like clark griswold

Don’t discount the simple traditions

One of the classic scenes of Christmas Vacation is when Clark ends up sliding across town on his greased sled. Sledding as a family is a ton of fun, even if you don’t shoot through the other side of the woods. Remember that the simple, timeless traditions are the ones that you’ll remember, year after year.

christmas like clark griswold

Don’t pay attention to what other people think

How you celebrate Christmas is only your business! It doesn’t matter what the neighbors are doing or whether or not they even have a tree. Focus on your family this holiday season, and it will be much more enjoyable.

There are a ton of great activities from this movie that I haven’t even touched! These are still amazing ideas that will give your Christmas a new touch this holiday season.

Here are more fun Christmas ideas too!

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