How To Build An Epic Indoor Fort

How to Build an Epic Indoor Fort

Check out these fantastic ideas for how to build an epic indoor fort your kids will go crazy for!

Being stuck inside doesn’t mean your kids have to be bored! Whether you’re hoping to help you kids use their imagination or just want to get them off their screens for a while, building a fort is always a hit with kids.

But putting together an indoor fort takes a little more work than simply tossing a sheet over some furniture. If you’re new to fort building, take a look at these simple ideas for building an epic indoor fort for your kids.

build an epic indoor fort

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Couch Cushion Fort

One of the most popular – and easiest – ways to build an indoor fort involves using couch cushions. To build a couch cushion fort, simply remove all the cushions from your couch, then use those cushions as walls for your fort. 

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There are a few different ways to build a cool couch cushion fort:

  • Stand up the couch cushions on the couch, using the back and armrests for support. Then, drape a large blanket over the top of the fort as a roof. Your kids can play inside the fort, while off the floor.
  • Use the couch cushions as walls of the fort by placing them on the floor. Depending on the number of cushions you have, you may need to use additional furniture to help support your couch cushion fort. After building the walls of the fort, use a blanket as the roof of the structure by carefully draping the blanket over the top of the fort.

build an epic indoor fort

Cardboard Fort

Make use of all those leftover shipping boxes from your last Amazon order by turning those boxes into a fort. To turn shipping boxes into an awesome fort, start by unfolding the cardboard boxes until they’re flat. Then, use a strong tape, like duct tape, to build a structure out of the boxes.

This fun method of making a fort also gives your kids a chance to get creative. After the fort has been built, give them some crayons or markers and let them decorate their fort before they start playing. They can transform it into a house, castle, fire station or grocery store!

Or you could snag this amazing cardboard indoor fort kit from Make A Fort!

(Make A Fort sent us this kit and we tried it out and loved it… we were not otherwise compensated for using their kit for this post)

These cardboard fort kits from Make a Fort are really amazing! Make a Fort recently gave us a set to try out and wow… my daughter and her friend had so. much. fun!!!!

Here is the unboxing… notice how you can color in the panels if you want!

Make A Fort

Here is my daughter and her friend’s first effort at making this fort!

Make A Fort

And they were so secretive… making forts is serious business!

Make A Fort

Blanket Fort

build an epic indoor fort

Another popular method for building an indoor fort uses blankets to create a fort inside your living room. To make this type of fort, start by gathering up a bunch of flat sheets or large blankets. Then, create “walls” for your fort by setting up chairs, tables, or benches to hold the sheets in place. Dining room chairs make a great starting point for your fort’s structure.

After lining up the structure of your fort, start draping blankets and sheets over the top of the chairs and tables to create a tent. Use clothespins or stacks of heavy books to hold the blankets in place after you get them arranged.

And if you’re using heavy blankets or dark sheets to build your fort, don’t forget to add some lights! String up some Christmas lights along the top of the fort or give your kids flashlights for even more fort fun!

build an epic indoor fort

Epic Fort Combinations

But if you want to create a truly epic indoor fort, it’s a good idea to make a combination of all three types of forts! Start by creating a foundation with furniture to hold up the larger blankets as a base. But from there, the possibilities are endless! You could:

  • Create rooms inside your larger fort with couch cushions and pillows
  • Design tunnels inside the fort with cardboard boxes
  • Set up a fort town with different smaller houses for each of your kids

build an epic indoor fort

Sunshine Whispers participates in the Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencer Programs. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned on this site and in this post. 

Fort Kits

If creativity isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry! You can purchase fort building kits online. On top of being super easy to put together, you won’t have to destroy your furniture or your house to build one of these cool forts:

  • Blanket Fort Kit: This simple kit includes three blankets with Velcro attachments and three anchor weights to hold the fort in place. And it comes with a handy storage bag so you can easily put everything away when your kids are finished playing.
  • Ultimate Fort Builder: Give your kids a chance to practice their engineering skills while they build themselves a fort with this cool set. It includes 45 poles and connectors that can be placed in a variety of different configurations, so your kids can have hours of fun designing their own forts. And with the comprehensive step-by-step guide, they can create anything from an indoor igloo to an amazing castle.
  • Indoor Play Tent: Make things super easy on yourself by setting up an indoor play tent for your kids. This cool tent looks like a pirate’s hideout, which means your kids are sure to have a blast playing inside.
  • Inflatable Tent Fort: When you hook this cool inflatable fort up to a standard box fan, it turns into an awesome place for your kids to play in just 15 seconds. In addition to giving your kids a chance to build an easy indoor fort, this inflatable tent also works well for outside play!

How did your indoor fort turn out? Check out these fun kid ideas too!

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