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What Does God Really Think About Women?

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What does God really think about women? That question certainly has the potential to stir some pots, doesn’t it? The answer to that question will vary widely depending on the religious, political, ethnic, or socio-economic background of the respondent.

Does God think that women are subservient? Second-class citizens?

Does God think that a woman’s worth is only measured.. or even primarily measured, by her role as a wife or a mother?

Do only ‘good girls’ merit the favor of God?

What kind of relationship does God want with women?

Fortunately, we do not have to wonder what the answer to this question is because God provided clear and powerful evidence regarding his view of women through the life and ministry of His son, Jesus. If you look closely at how Jesus interacted with women throughout his life, I am convinced you will come to the conclusion that:

  • At a time when society judged women as second-class citizens, Jesus saved his best compliments and bestowed his most distinct honors on women rather than men,
  • Jesus viewed women as fully capable of comprehending the mysteries of his identity and recognized that oftentimes the women, not his male disciples, made the needed connections between his identity and his message of salvation,
  • Jesus loved and honored women— including the very women that society had thrown out— poor, illiterate, outcast, demon-possessed, sick, disabled, unloved, unwanted. Jesus went out of his way to ensure these women knew how much he loved them,
  • Jesus was very clear throughout his ministry that he wanted an intimate and loving relationship with the women he encountered. This desire was not a pretense Jesus put on for public display only, but was a foundational part of his life and ministry.

Please join me over the next few weeks as we look more closely at the women who encountered Jesus and what that means for our relationship with him today.



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Joy Healy

Tuesday 29th of July 2014

Thank you for your stirring thoughts regarding how my God sees me. A relationship with God is a basic need that I have and work on developing every day of my life.

I pray that your new blog reaches many hearts.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.