Why Taking A Midday Break At Disney World Is Such An Awesome Strategy!

Why Taking A Midday Break At Disney World Is Such An Awesome Strategy!

When planning your Disney vacation, there are many strategies to consider. However, none of these strategies are as important as the Disney World midday break strategy. None.

There are lots of strategies for going to Walt Disney World. Many of them have to do with bookings. From Disney dining to Lightning Lanes, there are always vexing issues to contend with when you pre-plan. There are other strategies to consider, too– Like, which days to go to which parks? What parks to hop to/from? Even the question: “To park hop or not to park hop?” has strategies connected to it on both sides of the equation. However, none of these strategies is as important as the Disney World midday break strategy. None.

The Disney World mid-day break strategy is elusive. Mostly because people rarely stop to consider getting less time in the parks for their money. However, not considering this is a mistake. As logical as it may seem, not taking a break in the middle of the day is extremely counterintuitive and results in diminishing returns. Let me explain.

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Why a Disney World Midday Break Strategy is Needed

Time gets really messed up when you travel. It can be hard to adjust to a new time zone and new hours. Many Walt Disney World guests wind up starting their days earlier and ending them later than they normally would.

That’s a lot of extra hours in the day, particularly when you think about what you put yourself through in the theme parks. It’s a lot of extra exertion just moving around the enormous labyrinthine spaces. Not to mention the long queues, standing around waiting for entertainment, and running from attraction to attraction.

Think about how you feel six or seven hours into your day. That’s halfway through normal operation on a given day at the Magic Kingdom. You may be tired, your feet swollen and sore, but you press forward only to become more miserable and more tired as the night wears on.

It’s even worse for kids who are not used to long grueling hours, even if those hours are being spent on fun. Young children may not want the day to end, but they will be physically and emotionally challenged by the time the day is done. Skipping naps and bedtimes may sound fun in theory, but there is always a price. My contention is that Disney World is no place to find out what happens under those circumstances.

Even without the crankiness of sleep-deprived children, doing too much in a single day will inevitably hold you back on subsequent days. You will need to recuperate and convalesce. Hitting one park too hard may even pull you away from visiting another park you have tickets for.

It’s Good to Relax

With the long park hours, there is plenty of time to take a quick break in the middle of the day, then get back to the park refreshed and ready to take on more than you would if you were worn out and tired from too much activity for too long. This Disney World mid-day break strategy can come at different times and in different forms.

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When Should You Take a Midday Break?

Personally, I think the time you should take a midday break in any Disney Park is whenever you feel like you need one. If you are feeling challenged, you should sit out. That means chilling out on a park bench or going back to your hotel room. If your resort is conveniently located, leaving and returning to the park may be a nice change of pace for you during the day.

A monorail ride from Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary, or a quick walk from EPCOT to Beach Club are just two examples. Deluxe resorts are full of rarely used luxuries anyway. You are paying for the experience of the hotel too after all. After taking a breather, just head back over with renewed energy and peace of mind!

Probably the best time to do this is during the mid-afternoon when the parks reach their peak attendance. It’s harder to get around and you are able to do less anyway. Plus depending on the time of year, the heat can be exceptionally brutal at this time of day. Escaping crowds and bad weather simultaneously is a win in my book. After the crowd levels start to die back down and as the lights start to come on and change the atmosphere of the parks, it’s a great time to get back in there and have more fun!

How to Break Up Your Disney Park Day Without Losing Value

As I said before, there are two ways to handle your Disney World mid-day break strategy. One is to take a break inside the park and the other is to leave. Personally, I love to resort-hop. So even if my room isn’t at a nearby resort, I still find relaxation in visiting a nearby lobby or two. You can rest on comfy furniture, read a book, shop a little, grab a quick bite to eat, or drop in on a nearby lounge. There are all kinds of ways to take a more casual and leisurely approach to Disney at the Deluxe resort hotels even if you are not a guest there.

Inside the parks, you can rest, too. But I don’t recommend just sitting on a bench. You can, and it works, but you can also leverage your time better than that by scheduling late lunch reservations at a table service restaurant. This change of environment, coupled with the chance to sit down and enjoy a slower-paced meal is a great way to pass the time during busier and less desirable park hours. If you have overwhelmed children and a restaurant isn’t the best place, study your park maps in advance to learn about quiet places you should be able to retreat to. I really like Tom Sawyer’s Island at the Magic Kingdom, but the other parks have many reclusive hideouts often accompanied by beautifully landscaped surroundings.

Picking Your Disney World Midday Break Strategy

You might change up your strategy depending on the day of your trip and how close your resort is to the park you visit on that day. Going back to your room when you can is a smart way to recharge and completely relax for a bit.

Many parents find after the trip, the pool was their kids’ favorite part of Disney. Embrace it! Especially if you were at the park early for rope drop or early entry hours, come back to the resort after lunch and spend 3-4 hours just chilling before heading back in the evening.

Arrive Late or Leave Early

If leaving mid-day is not feasible for your family, another great option is to plan a late start or an early departure. The advantage of arriving late is pretty clear. You and your kids get to sleep in and have a slow morning. Maybe order breakfast to eat in your room (who wouldn’t love eating Mickey waffles in pajamas while watching Mickey cartoons?). Then, when you get to the park there is less likely to be a long line to enter. Depending on the park you choose, you could also benefit from crowds leaving to park hop in the afternoon.

Another twist to this strategy is to rope drop and do everything you want to do by lunchtime. Then, just call it a day, head back to the room, swim, and chill… and then eat dinner at your resort or Disney Springs. This strategy also allows for earlier bedtimes or a super relaxing family movie night (most resorts show movies in the evening).

The Disney World Midday Break strategy is not even our best tip! Check out these ideas too!

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