Clear Meadow Farms Sunflower Fields: the BEST Sunflower Fields in Maryland

clear meadow farm sunflower fields

Say goodbye to summer by checking out the Clear Meadow Farms Sunflower fields. It is on the top of the fun things to do with kids in Maryland!

My daughter was barely 3 years old the first time we visited the amazing sunflower fields at Clear Meadow Farm in Harford County. We pulled up to the grass parking lot on a whim and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the flowers were!

For 2-3 weeks every September or October, Clear Meadow Farms in Harford County puts on the most spectacular end of summer show. There are no lights, no live music, no kiddie rides. However, if make the trek out to Jarrettsville, you will get the unique pleasure of seeing acre after acre of sunflowers, preening and stretching to soak in as much sun as they can.

Then the next year, Clear Meadow Farm completely changed the field and the (much larger) sunflower fields had rolling hill after rolling hill of happy yellow and orange faces, preening in the sun! It was glorious!

The Clear Meadow Farm sunflower experience (that is what I am calling it) has changed a lot over the last 5 or 6 years. COVID forced some of that change. But also Clear Meadow Farm now actively works with the community to use their sunflower fields as a way to spread joy in the community and help area families in crisis.

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From Clear Meadow Farm to Sunflowers in Jarrettsville

clear meadow farm

I alluded to the fact that until a few years ago, Clear Meadow Farm rotated their sunflower fields. However, due to a variety of circumstances, 2018 was the last year they planted on the super large field location. If you had visited that location, you can probably speculate as to why– there was no where safe to park and traffic was horrible.

But I think the other reason the sunflower fields are largely just at the Jarrettsville location now is because Clear Meadow is more actively partnering with local charity organizations under the umbrella of ‘Sunflowers In Jarrettsville‘ to add some structure to the fields, and raise money for local charities.

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What to Expect at Sunflowers in Jarrettsville

clear meadow farm

The sunflowers themselves have not changed one bit! They are every bit as happy and glorious. These sunflowers typically are the shorter variety. That makes them awesome for photos with the family!

What has changed is the umbrella organization Sunflowers in Jarrettsville brings in local crafters and volunteers on the weekends.

The craft fair typically has local artists, a bake sale, and cut sunflowers you can purchase. The volunteers have also set up fun signs along the main path with sunflower facts.

The volunteers and crafters are set up between the 5-acre grassy parking area and the 21-acre sunflower fields.

On the weekends Sunflowers in Jarrettsville also offers hayrides through the fields for $2/person. However, you likely won’t need the hayride. The walk through the main area of the sunflower fields is relatively level, mowed, and wide.

One caution though– definitely watch your step and your kids because there are tons of small holes and uneven ground areas. I would say the main path is still wagon and stroller friendly. Probably not wheelchair friendly though.

One more note of caution– There are bees, but seriously, they are not interested in you or your kids. They are only interested in the sunflowers. If you don’t ruffle their feathers, they likely will not bother you.

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Clear Meadow Farm Sunflower Field Details/FAQ

Clear meadow farms
Where are the Clear Meadow Farm Sunflower Fields located?

Address: 3767 Norrisville Rd., Jarrettsville, MD 21084.
Google Map Directions

The sunflower field is located right across from the Harford County Sheriff’s Department, and next to a car dealership (yes, that’s strange.. but it works. ha!)

Does it cost money to visit the sunflower field?

Yes! Because the community is using the sunflower fields as a way to raise money for the local charity, there is a $5/person charge to enter the field. Kids ages 12 and under are FREE.

When will the Clear Meadow Farm sunflowers reach peak bloom?

That depends on when the sunflowers are planted. In past years the sunflower fields have reached peak bloom anytime between Labor Day and the beginning of October (in 2023 peak bloom dates are the first two weeks of October).

Can you pick sunflowers at the Sunflowers in Jarrettsville?

No, you cannot pick sunflowers because they are still harvested and sold as an agricultural product. However, on weekends there are cut sunflowers available for purchase at the craft fair.

Can you bring your dog to the Sunflowers in Jarrettsville?

YES! Leashed dogs are permitted. Make sure to bring doggie bags to pick up your puppy’s poop too!

When the flowers are in peak bloom, when can you visit the sunflower fields?

The fields are open dawn until dusk (or sunrise to sunset) every day during peak bloom. On the weekends and select weekdays there will be volunteers on hand to answer questions. When volunteers aren’t present, pay the entrance fee at the donation box on the honor system.

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Unique Ways to Photograph Sunflowers

clear meadow farms

Clearly a shot of the entire sunflower field is epic. Also, I LOVE to take tons of photos of sunflowers up close.

But some of my favorite sunflower photos are of sunflowers before they unfurl their sunny faces! I mean.. isn’t this awesome?

Clear Meadow sunflowers

Imperfect sunflowers are also super interesting to photograph.

You can also look for opportunities to photograph sunflowers with bees (that won’t be too hard), butterflies, or even birds!

sunflower with bee

As for the time of day, each time of day has its advantages. The morning sun is always the softest.

The midday sun is harsher for photographs, but since the sunflowers preen towards the sun, you might get the most vibrant shots of the actual sunflower midday.

My personal favorite is taking photos starting at the golden hour (about 1-2 hours before sunset) until the sun sets. And don’t worry if the day is cloudy. If there is even a little bit of blue sky to break up the clouds, you could get treated to the most spectacular sunset sunflower views ever! (Yes, I took the photo below right at sunset after a super cloudy day.)

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Ice cream and lunch after the sunflowers!

jarrettsville deli

After taking your fill of the sunflower fields, turn left and drive about 1/2 mile down W. Jarrettsville Rd. Stop in at the Jarrettsville Creamery & Deli. We filled up with delicious sandwiches, topped off with a big ice cream cone. Drinks and snacks will also be available for purchase at the sunflower fields (but I highly recommend stopping in here for ice cream and a sandwich!).

jarrettsville deli

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Make a day of it!

Visiting the sunflower field won’t take much of your time. So, if you want to make a day of it, here are our top suggestions!

  • Rocks State Park is only about 15 minutes from the Jarrettsville sunflower field. You can hike to Kilgore Falls or drive to the top of the mountain and check out the famous King and Queen Seat!
  • Ladew Topiary Garden is always a fantastic option for a kid friendly day trip!
  • Visit the super kid friendly nature center at Eden Mill Nature Center.
  • There are a few of the areas best playgrounds within 15-20 minutes of the sunflower fields. Our top playground picks to round out a day trip include Annies Playground, Lyn Stacie Getz Playground, and Rockfield Creative Playground.

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