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3 Fantastic Fall Leaf Crafts for Toddlers!

Fall Leaf Crafts for Toddlers
There are so many super cute and fun fall leaf-themed crafts that are easy enough to do you can attempt them with your toddler. I highlighted a number of them a few months ago. Well, Sweet Pea and I did not have time to do all of the great ideas (saving them for next year!) but these are the ones we tried. I am not going to lie— the painting activities were messy. However, if you arm yourself with a great smock and have wet paper towels handy, the clean up is really not that bad.

Sparkly Fall Leaves

Fall Leaf Crafts for ToddlersI love this craft so much, mostly because it is super cute and so easy to do. The idea to do this craft came from Kristina at her fantastic site, Toddler Approved. You can see her description along with information for tons of other super cute crafts here:

This craft is really so easy, all of the supplies are probably self-evident just from looking at the picture. All you need are four items:
– Pre-cut foam leaves. Craft stores typically carry these in bulk in the Fall. If you don’t want to pay for a package of 10, you could always split it with a friend.
– buttons of any kind
– sparkly craft jewels of any kind. Since the craft store was selling leaf-shaped sparkly jewels, I opted for these. However, any kind would be fine.
– glue.

That’s it! The entire craft took maybe 15 minutes. Sweet Pea loved picking out her buttons and jewels. I just daubed a number of glue dots all over the leaf and off she went! After the glue had dried, I stuck magnetic tape on the back of the leaves and hung them on the refrigerator at toddler level so Sweet Pea could play with them.

Autumn Leaf Painting

Fall Leaf Crafts with Toddlers

This craft was a lot of fun to do with Sweet Pea, but I will not lie.. it did not turn out the way I expected it too, which is fine (I will explain later). I was inspired to try this craft from Helen at Craft Ideas for Kids. Her post (which was a lot more successful than my attempt with Sweet Pea) can be found here:

Here is what I used to do the craft:
– Kid’s craft paint (non-toxic) in autumn colors like orange, yellow, green, and red
– 1 or 2 sponges, cut up in squares so that each color has its own sponge
– a paper or plastic plate for each color of paint used
– a large sheet of white craft paper
– a leaf or leaves. For this, you can use natural leaves or fake decorative leaves. We used fake leaves because they seemed less brittle

So, the point of this craft is supposed to be that Mom holds the leaf in place while toddler uses the sponges to paint around the leaf. When the leaf is lifted up you get a really cool halo effect of color around the shape of the leaf… kind of like reverse painting or something like that. My version of this craft turned out great. Ha! Sweet Pea? Not so much. She did great painting around the leaf as I held it in place. However, as soon as I picked it up she was all about taking the paint sponges and creating her own masterpiece. Eventually all the Fall colors bled into each other, creating a big paint mud puddle. ‘Sigh.’ Craft fail? Nope! At 2-years old, painting is more about the process than the end result anyway. We had a blast and I call that a success!

Fabulous Fall Trees

Fall Leaf Crafts for ToddlersThis last Fall Leaf craft was so much fun to do with Sweet Pea. It was messy… twice. However, the end result was really cute and totally worth the mess. Sarah Driscoll at Diapers & Daisies was the inspiration for this craft. You can check out this craft and a bunch of other cute toddler crafts here:

The materials needed for this craft are very similar to the autumn leaf painting with a few notable exceptions:
– a large sheet of white craft paper
– red, yellow, orange, green, and brown non-toxic paint
– a paper plate (to use as a palette)
– sponge paint brush

The notable exceptions are that the tree is largely painted using your kiddo’s body parts! No need for a painting smock with this craft. I took off Sweet Pea’s shirt and told her that I would be painting her arm. She seemed amenable to that idea. When I started painting her entire arm, she started giggling with delight. So, after painting Sweet Pea’s arm, I pressed it onto the white paper and cleaned her up. I added the branches myself. After a few hours (and the paint dried), I squirted a little bit of paint in the other colors onto a paper plate. In order to control the process just a little bit, I sat Sweet Pea on my lap and we each finger-painted the leaves onto the tree. As with the Autumn Leaf Painting craft, Sweet Pea was more interested in smearing and splattering than actually making a cute tree. Fortunately, I was able to take her big orange/red/yellow swirly mess and turn it into a bright Autumn sun! So, we both succeeded. Sweet Pea got her messy sensory experience, and I got photographic proof that I am capable of orchestrating a cute kid craft. Ha!

So, there it is! I hope you get to try these cute crafts with you little one at some point. Sweet Pea and I had a blast!

Thanks for reading!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.